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Weight Lifting

It’s widely accepted that weight training should be a part of every good workout program. To get the most from this activity, bear the following in mind:

Always warm up – five minutes of easy cardio will prepare your muscles for weight lifting.


  • Good technique is crucial – raise and lower weights slowly and under control for maximum benefits.

  • Pausing at the mid point of each movement ensures that the muscles do all the work, rather than using momentum to do the work.
  • Correct speed is to lift the weight to a two count, lower to a four count.
  • Have a qualified trainer design a program for you – someone else’s program may not be appropriate.
  • Before lifting, check that pins are in place, collars tight etc.
  • Breathe continuously throughout the exercise, exhaling as you lift, and inhaling as you lower.
  • Always wear trainers when lifting.
  • Keep a towel handy will help you stay dry and keep the equipment clean and dry.
  • Lift weights that are appropriate – lifting too much weight will compromise your technique and can lead to injury. It’s best to start with a light weight and gradually increase over time.
  • Training with a partner is great – they can check your technique and provide motivation.
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