Intermediate Upper Body 1

Once you can complete the exercises that are found in the beginners section, you should implement some of the following intermediate level exercises gradually into your exercise routine.

Basically look at performing all of the beginner 2 exercises and also include some of these intermediate exercises to help your fitness progression.

Look at performing 8 - 12 repetitions of each exercise or 20 - 30 seconds for the exercises that require timing.

Once you can complete all the exercises, you should look at progressing by repeating them all again, or by taking the number of repetitions up to 15+ with the length of time increasing to 30 - 45 seconds.

Complete with cool down stretches and a written note of what exercises you performed and how many.

Whenever you can, try and workout with a partner of similar fitness ability, as it will help you stay motivated and possible make you push yourself a little harder.

Key Exercises


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