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Intermediate Level Exercises

Do not begin any of these lower body exercises until you can perform all of the beginner home exercises.

Always warm up and stretch prior and after your exercise regime.

If you've been walking as part of your warm-up, look at taking this to a light jog for 10 - 15 minutes.

Remember, progression is the key to increasing your fitness level - but always stay within your own limits.

By now if you have been working through all the home exercises, you should be at a good level of fitness.

Look at keeping up your good work at aim to perform 12 - 15 repetitions of each exercise, with those working on a time basis, look at spending 30 - 45 seconds per exercise.

There are a lot of squat exercises within this section, so if you intend to run through all of the exercises twice, it would aid you to spend a few minutes stretching the quadriceps (thigh muscles) and any other muscles that may feel a little tight.

Avoid training muscles that are sore - you can always work out using different muscle groups instead.

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