Food Combining Diet

Read about the food combining diet that is the Hay Diet with Classifying foods in to three types can help you then ensure you keep the right chemical balance to the body.

The Hay Diet Rules for Health :

  • Starches and sugars should not be eaten with proteins and acid fruits at the same meal
  • Vegetables, salads and fruits (whether acid or sweet) if correctly combined should form the major part of the diet
  • Proteins, starches and fats should be eaten in small quantities
  • Only whole grains and unprocessed starches should be used and all refined and processed foods should be eliminated from the diet
  • Not less than four hours between starch and protein meals
  • Milk does not combine well with food and should be kept to a minimum
  • Don't mix foods that fight, see below chart
List A List B List C
Proteins Neutral Foods Starches
All meat Most vegetables Biscuits
All poultry All salads Bread
Cheese Seeds Cakes
Eggs Nuts Crackers
Fish Herbs Oats
Soya Beans Cream Pasta
Yoghurt Butter Potatoes
  Olive oil Rice


  • Mix anything from List A with List B
  • Mix anything from List C with List B
  • Never mix List A and C!
  • Mix vegetables or salads with pulses i.e. beans/lentils - make these and unprocessed foods the main part of your diet


Our final page has a few additional diet plans you can find out more about - just to help you get started on your road to a healthier lifestyle :

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