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The most number of days lost due to illness can be attributed to backache. Diagnosis has always been difficult, the complexity of the tissues involved often makes it hard to determine the cause of the problem, and even more difficult to prove.

Normally, backache is due to mechanical problem e.g. strained muscles and or ligaments, less commonly it can be a symptom of an organic disorder. Due to the mechanical element of backache, various factors should be considered in order to prevent back strain.

Comfortable movement of the spine is dependent on flexibility, strength, good circulation and nourishment.

Obesity causes strains on ligamentous tissues (supporting and stabilising tissues), and increases wear on weight bearing joints.

Lack of exercise causes a decrease in flexibility, and reduces the power of circulation.

Poor diet inhibits the development of healthy muscles, ligaments and bones.

Poor posture both sitting and standing increases the risk of straining.

To prevent backache, a combination of sensible, regular exercises and a healthy attitude towards weight and diet, are the two most important factors. In occupations where lifting etc; is required, attention to posture and lifting procedures, are vital. Sittings for long periods of time e.g. in front of your PC, should be avoided, break up these periods with a little walking around and or stretching.

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