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Blood Donation

Blood donation in this country, is given freely by those able to do so, for the benefit of everyone. The National Blood Service tel; 08457 711711 are always in need of new donors, and hold regular sessions nation-wide, where the general public are invited to attend to donate 500mls of blood.

The body will replace this blood, very easily within less than 48hrs in a normal healthy person. Providing you are over 17 and under 70 you may be eligible. Normally it is essential that you are not on any drug therapy when you attend, as this could prove detrimental to the receiver of that blood and also indicates that your own health is not 100%. However not all medication excludes you from donating so it is always wise to check before you attend.

When you do attend, a simple pin prick to release then test your blood, will allow the service to check that you are not anemic, and a sample will be taken initially to check your blood group. Once this is done the procedure to take the blood, will take approximately 10-15 min's and is relatively pain free, it is no different from having an injection. You will be asked to rest for a short while afterwards and will normally be advised to accept the offer of a beverage.

You can donate blood up to three times a year.

Additional Medical Conditions :

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