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Health Tips

Good effort, at least you're started to read our 99 Health Tips, try and make it to the end!

Do those sit ups, it is estimated that strengthening the abdominals can prevent 75% of lower back problems.

When training out in the dark, shutting one eye when a car's head lights are on you, will help prevent sudden night blindness. Remember to open the eye after the car has passed.

Pressing a wet tea bag against a cold sore acts as an antiseptic. The tannin from the tea will help reduce the condition, and the tea bag will stop other people coming in contact with you.

Improve your posture, by answering the phone whilst standing. If standing against a wall, push your shoulders and buttocks into the wall, then aim to eliminate any gaps, by pushing the lower back into the wall. Hold for 20 seconds, and then carry on a normal conversation. Avoid breathing heavily during the exercise.

If embarking on jogging or running for the first time since your school days, invest in a good pair of trainers to avoid physiotherapy bills. Shorter strides may help lesson the impact, if you have to use your old gym gear.

Wear socks when out running this will help prevent blisters, and also soak up sweat, which can help prevent your trainers stinking out the house.

Most trainers can be washed, however don't use too high a temperature during the wash, and allow to dry naturally with old newspaper inside. Tumble drying may lead to severe shrinking, damage to the trainers and a change in your shoe size.

Eating fat is not a problem; the problem lies in the type of fat you're eating. Aim to eat the essential fatty acids (EFA’s) such as those found in oily fish, and avoid the so called healthier margarine's made from hydrogenated vegetable fats.

Some 25 % of adults have bad breath, normally brought on by smoking or bad foods. Avoid this by brushing your teeth twice a day, using a tongue scraper, as a significant amount of bacteria live on the tongue. Flossing between your teeth to remove food debris, and seeing a hygienist every three months is also advised.

Consult your doctor, a fitness instructor, or visit the church if you have any concerns about your health before embarking on any exercise routine.

After each work out, remember to stretch to help your body repair and recover. When doing this, keep yourself warm, and wipe away any sweat. Avoid standing around smelling of sweat, as the drying process can leave you with a cold.

Each year back pain, the second biggest reason for time of work, costs the British Industry more than 5 billion pounds, and 480 million pounds to the NHS. By doing some simple stretching and taking care of yourself with exercise, will result in less spending by the NHS, and hopefully lower taxes all round. (Possibly).

The common cold is the biggest reason for taking time off work. Dress well, exercise regularly, and above all take in those vitamins, especially vitamin C. The RDA in the U. K. is 60m.g. This will prevent you from catching scurvy but won't help you against a cold. Increase your dosage to bowel tolerance, normally between 1 and 3 grams.

A sneeze can travel at over 100 mph Look for the signs, such as opening of the mouth tilting the head back, shutting eyes and finally a fine mist nasal spray. Look for the signs to avoid the spray.

When showering, treat yourself to a head massage, to help relax you. It's also said to be good for stimulating hair growth. At the same time, improve your body circulation by washing the body in the direction of blood flow, i.e. towards the heart.

Avoid negative thoughts, and don't put yourself down. Work on making your mind and body strong, remember its you inside that says you can't do something, challenge those negative thoughts and make them positive.

In the last 20 years cases of testicular cancer has doubled. In the U. K. some 1,500 men between the ages of 20 and 35 get this form of cancer each year. So check your balls and if you find any lumps go show them to your doctor.
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