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Health Tips

Good effort, at least you're started to read our 99 Health Tips, try and make it to the end!

Remember every gram of alcohol has 7 calories, so if your aim is to have a flat stomach or lose weight, practice acting drunk or simply cut back on your alcohol intake.

Alcohol is a depressant, if feeling depressed don't take a drink, try and make yourself laugh, invite your friends round, and watch them get drunk, and fall all over the place.

When managing your weight avoid anything that is not in a measurable quantities.

Remember low fat foods, are often laced with sugar, which also has calories, just look at a low fat yogurt.

By switching hands whilst eating, you are less coordinated, resulting in calories stuck on your face and clothes.

Line your stomach before you go out on a large drink binge. A cocktail of a pint of milk, and soft fruit, normally works well.

If exercise were a drug, we would all have a bottle in the kitchen cupboard.

Eat a balanced diet, lower in fat, lower in sugar salt and processed foods, eat more fiber and whole food products.

Diets don't work. Long term health and weight management should include healthy life style changes such as exercise and healthier whole foods.

Throw away your scales. Work on how you look and feel, not what you weigh, aim to lose weight in the form of unhealthy body fat.

When trying to lose fat, aim for a maximum of 1 1/2 pounds a week.

If spot reducing worked, all typists would have skinny fingers.

Crash dieting, over exercising and fasting will slow down your metabolism.

It's easy to lose weight. Keeping it off, is the hard part, exercise works.

Use common sense and pace yourself so you can talk occasionally when you exercise.

When you exercise, remind yourself, "I'm building a better body to live in”.

The best aerobic exercise is the one you'll do, the best time to exercise is when you will do it.

Aim for a minimum of 3 sessions for at least 30 minutes of aerobic training, remember even sex can be a workout.

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress, ask yourself how you feel, after working out.
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