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Health Tips

Good effort, at least you're started to read our 99 Health Tips, try and make it to the end!

Avoid stopping every 2 minutes to tie your laces, when going for that run, at the start of your fitness regime, make sure you put a double knot in the laces.

When cycling to work, the gym, or anywhere else, keep the bike under lock and key, remember somebody may want yours, and force you to have a long walk home.

If you get a painful blister, studies have shown that piercing it within the first three hours can be effective. Aim to lance the blister in two places at opposite sides, taking care, as the fluid can spray out up to eleven feet. Check and clean regularly, don't use dirty needles, as this can lead to amputation.

Stress causes hormonal imbalances that may lower your sperm count, lower sperm count may stress you out, just think about who has to count the slippery bleeders.

Garlic rich diets, may be bad for your breath, but garlic causes your body to release nitric oxide, which keeps your arteries more pliable, resulting in a increase in circulation.

Diesel fumes have been found to contain 41 dangerous substances, they can give you more miles to the gallon, as well as cancer.

Chewing sugar free gum increases saliva flow which helps to neutralize plaque acidity. One unpleasant side effect is major wind, from sorbitol (sweetener) that is used in many brands. Aim for no more than a pack a day, unless you want to increase your daily farting average.

Avoid eye strain by looking away from the screen and focus on something in the distance, then focus on something close to you, do this now and whilst at work. Good excuse if you get caught looking at somebody, just tell him or her you're preventing eyestrain.

Relax with a glass or two of wine. The antioxidants it contains can give protection against heart disease.

Heart disease, cancer's etc. can run in the family. Check your family history and aim to get yourself checked out for any hereditary problems.

Buy, rent, borrow a dog. One of the best aerobic exercises for any fitness level is plain old walking. Remember to take the dog with you.

There are currently around 100,000 cases of food poisoning resulting in up to 200 deaths a year in the U. K. Make sure you wash and prepare food properly, check the sell buy dates, and if you get ill, drink plenty of fluid and stay in the bedroom closest to the bathroom.

Men's testosterone levels fall by about 25% in the late evening. Aim to put the morning erection to good use, as this is apparently when you are most horny.

Mobile phones increase your blood pressure if used for prolonged periods. Thought to be caused by blood vessels being constricted by radio frequency electromagnetic fields. My monthly phone bill raises my blood pressure.

Zinc gluconate lozenge's sucked every two hours have been found to help cold sufferers reduce the time of their symptoms. Unfortunately zinc causes more nausea and doesn't taste too good.

Dyslexics could improve their reading by wearing different colored lenses. Contact lenses help by noticeably reducing visual distortion.

Doing the ironing, washing, and cleaning has been found to improve your age Maybe this is why women live longer than men do.

Put more tomato sauce on your chips and other foods, it may not be good for your diet, but 3 to 4 serving a week can cut your risk of prostate cancer by a third.

Forget an apple a day keeps the doctor away; try a raw carrot and a banana. The beta-carotene and potassium can reduce your risk of heart disease by preventing plaque build up on the artery walls.

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