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Rear Lunge

The rear lunge is a good exercise for your legs,especially your buttock muscles, which can be performed with the added assistance of holding weights. You may decide to work one leg continuously (harder) or alternate the leg you extend back.

The rear lunge can be performed on either a flat surface, or having either the front or even rear leg raised during the lunge movement.

stand tall feet shoulder width apart keep the weights by your sides avoid letting your knee go pass your front foot

Commence the exercise with your feet shoulder width apart, take one leg straight behind, keeping your back straight, with your hips between your feet.

If holding weights, aim to keep them as close to your center line as possible, in order to maximize the use of your glutes as you slowly bend your rear leg, aiming to take the knee 1 - 2 inches off the floor, prior to coming back up to a straight position.

You may decide to take the rear leg forward, or the front leg back in order to make the starting position.

For persons with good balance, you should aim to walk backwards, taking the front foot a complete stride back from the rear foot, obviously skipping the normal start position - take care when walking backwards.

Its important with all Lunge moves that you avoid letting the knee of your front leg extend pass your toes.

Focus on keeping your back straight and head upright, aiming to come as low as possible in order to work the gluteus muscles to their full.

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