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Bum Clench

The bum clench is an exercise that you can perform almost anywhere, with no equipment, no time worries, just a simple solution to help tone-up the gluteus muscles of your butt.

the butt clench exercise for the buttock musclesFor best results, perform this exercise whilst seated, it can be made harder by holding a suitable plate weight across your chest.
In a smooth controlled manner, gradually tense your butt cheeks, aiming to raise yourself an inch or two whilst staying seated in the chair.

Hold this position for a few seconds 3 - 10, then relax your muscles and repeat. The movement is only small, basically shrinking the size of your buttocks at the side.

Concentrate on the movement coming from your glutes, avoid leaning forward or pushing down on your feet in order to raise yourself.

Aim to perform 10 - 15 repetitions with a few seconds rest between each exercise.

Try and increase the length of time you hold the position for, rather than increasing the reps you perform, aiming to hold for 15 seconds plus.

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