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Basic Fitness Tests

Why not check out our basic fitness tests to give you an idea on what to check out when you're starting to do your workouts. Our 12 fitness tests below are simple and quick to undertake.


Test 3 (Lung size)

Used to measure the size of your lungs, peak flow meters give a good indication at the size of your lungs. Most doctors and good health clubs should be able to offer this service. If you can't get a reading don't be too concerned; as general exercise will increase your lung capacity, likewise smoking and inactivity contribute to both poor and smaller lung capacity.


Test 4 (Body fat percentage)

The static water tank is the most accurate, but is also the least practical. Aim to use a bio-impedance machine or have a qualified instructor measure you with body calipers.

Avoid weighing yourself on a daily basis, all you are doing is measuring fluctuations in your bodies water and glycogen content.


Test 5 (Flexibility)

Poor flexibility is normally a result of tight muscles, which in turn can lead to injury. Test yourself by placing your feet flat against a low table, and aim to push a pencil smoothyly acorss the table surface. Measure how far you can either slide the pencil, or how far away from the table you are poor flexion.


Test 6 (Upper body strength) Work within your limits!

Press-ups are an excellent way of judging a persons upper body strength. Remember that as you get fitter and stronger, the press-up style may need to change, bare this in mind when choosing your style. Count how many press-ups you can do in a minute, look in the press up workout for advice. Men should aim for full press-ups and women box / 3/4.


Test 7 (Abdominal) Work within your limits!

Read notes on abdominal exercises in Bodyworks prior to doing this test. Lie flat on the floor with your lower legs close to your bottom, locking hands behind the head, sit up no more than 30 degrees, lower then repeat. Work in a smooth motion, and then record how many sit-ups you can do, without stopping.


Test 8 (Leg Strength) Work within your limits!

Time yourself with your back pressed into the wall, and your legs bent at 90 degrees.

Keep your feet firmly on the floor, making sure that the surface is not slippery.

Having a chair by your side will aid you to come up, use your hands to push yourself up when you have finished.

Aim to keep your hands off your legs throughout the exercise.


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