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Basic Fitness Tests

Why not check out our basic fitness tests to give you an idea on what to check out when you're starting to do your workouts. Our 12 fitness tests below are simple and quick to undertake.


Test 9 (Explosive power) Work within your limits!

From a squatting position on the ground, jump up as high as possible, holding a piece of chalk in one hand. Aim to make a mark on a wall, at the top of your jump, try three times, and measure the highest marking.


Test 10 (Speed) Work within your limits!

From a standing start, have a partner blow a whistle, and three seconds later blow again. In this time you will want to aim to run as fast as you can over a flat surface. Have a spotter judge where you ran to over the three seconds. Chalk a line across that point, and aim to beat it with two more attempts. Record the distance to your furthest chalk line.


Test 11 (Aerobic 12 minute run) Work within your own limits!

Accurately measure how far you can run ideally on a running track or treadmill. If you have to run on the road, make sure that next time you repeat the test, you use the same route. Measure the distance on the road by either a car or bicycles odometer. Avoid routes with road crossings, train barriers etc.


Test 12 (Balance) Work within your limits!

On a flat surface draw a total of 12 circles, 1 inch larger than your shoe size. They need to be stride apart, and running at right angles to each other in a zig zag line. Hop on one leg, staying on your toes the whole time, from circle to circle. Time yourself to go up on your left, and then back on your right leg 3 times. Each time you miss the circle, or put your other foot down add 3 seconds to your time.

Foam pads make it harder, and should only be used by persons of a good fitness level.


Remember to record all of your scores, and judge how you done using the fitness scoring chart. Repeat the tests every 6 / 8 weeks, to monitor your improvements.

Becoming a Netfit member is a good way to help you improve, and stay motivated.

Once you have your results, you then have a benchmark to work from. Analyze each area of the fitness test, and aim to improve on all areas, especially the ones that you may be weak on.

Printing off the scoring charts will give you guidelines of what you will need to aim for.

Why not try some other test like body fat or our fitness tests 1.

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