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NOHrD Wall Bars (10 & 14 Bars)

WaterRower / Strength

NOHrD Wall Bars (10 & 14 Bars)


NOHrD Wall Bars

Wall bars are ideal for multifunctional workouts. Gyms usually feature wall bars for climbing, hanging or swinging your body. The upper bar foldout is perfect for chin-ups, pull-ups or hanging and swinging exercises.

Enjoy simply moving your body but also specific stretching exercise. Working out on wall bars strengthens your core and back muscles and proves effective for treating back pain. Wall bars are most versatile. Use each rung to exercise on or broaden your workout palette with NOHrD WallBars range of accessories.

Attach the WallBars multi-adapter and hook in the workout bench or tie on elastic resistance bands. NOHrD WallBars will prove to be your full-body multifunctional training station!

Made of ash wood or walnut wood. Wallbars with built-in side arms. Available with 10 or 14 bars.

  • Measurements: 230 x 80 x 13 cm (H x B x T)
  • Distance to wall: 6 cm
  • Weight with 10 bars: 19 Kg
  • Weight with 14 bars: 21 Kg
  • Distance between bars (10 bars): 17.7 cm
  • Distance between bars (14 bars): 9.9 cm Max.
  • User weight: 120 kg

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