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Sole R92 Recumbent Bike


Sole R92 Recumbent Bike


Recumbent bikes are becoming the latest trend in the exercise world and the Sole R92 is leading the pack. The reason; getting a great workout has never been so comfortable and relaxing. To achieve maximum comfort in a workout, low impact is extremely important when considering exercise equipment. Users with foot or joint issues will love the Sole R92. Our patented 2 degree inward design on our foot pedals puts your body in its correct posture, minimizing the aches and pains associated with other models. Another reason users will love the Sole R92 is the padded, adjustable seat with its supportive back. Lower back pain , or the risk thereof, is one of the reasons people do not workout. But with a comfortable supportive seat that adjusts to users needs, you can focus less on being uncomfortable and more on getting in shape. Statistics show that people are more likely to stick to a routine on a recumbent bike than other forms of exercise. The vibrant blue backlit LCD 9" LCD display with its programming is the main reason for this. If you're the type of person looking to be challenged, programs such as Hill and Strength will help users reach goals. Or if you are ready for the challenge you can set up your own designed programs with the User Defined feature or Heart Rate Control. Along with cooling fans, MP3/iPod capability and these programs, the Sole R92 recumbent cycle will allow users to consistently and safely push themselves to the next level. And with the added advantage of being compact and so easy to set up, there are really no more excuses to not work out; The Sole R92 recumbent cycle is the answer.

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