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PowerBlock Sport Bench


PowerBlock Sport Bench


PowerBlock Sport Bench The Sport Bench is a low-profile bench with superior comfort providing the perfect platform for your dumbbell workout. It features 5 easy-change positions ranging from flat to military and the seat pad can also be adjusted for the correct supported position for each exercise. This bench is made of 2" x 3" 14 Ga. tubing and has tapered upholstered cushions There are separate seat and back pads. The seat pad can be adjusted down when in the incline positions so you will not slip forward while inclined No removable parts to lose or misplace The back pad has 5 adjustments - from flat to 30, 45, 60 degrees and also military position Comes mostly assembled with very little further assembly required The SportBench now comes with a built in wheel and handle kit PowerBlocks are not included Optional Dipping Station sold separately Optional Wheel and Handle set sold separately

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