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Align-Pilates C1-Pro Reformer Full Cadillac Bundle

Align Pilates / Accessories

Align-Pilates C1-Pro Reformer Full Cadillac Bundle


The Full Cadillac Bundle from Align-Pilates is perfect if you're looking to be able to provide Pilates Rehab to clients, perform the full Pilates repertoire or want the adaptability a Pilates Cadillac can provide. 

What's Included:

  • C1-Pro Reformer with standard legs:
    • The Align-Pilates A2 & C1-Pro Full Cadillac can be used with both the Align-Pilates A2* Series Pilates reformers and the C1-Pro, brand new for 2017, which provides the ultimate versatility. The full stainless steel upper frame is superior to standard chromed steel frames, ensuring a long and corrosion free life. The Cadillac is supplied complete with all the required accessories so there are no expensive add on purchases required. 


  • C1-Pro Full Cadillac Bracket
  • C1-Pro Half Cadillac Bracket
  • Full Cadillac Frame
  • C1-Pro Leg Extensions
  • C1 Mat Converter
  • C1 Platform Extender

Spring Package 

Includes 12 finest music wire springs:

  • 2 x Standard Very Light
  • 2 x Standard Light
  • 2 x Standard Medium
  • 2 x Standard Very Strong (for Trapeze)
  • 2 x Long Very Light
  • 2 x Long Strong

Assembly: Leg and frame assembly required, or request our delivery and assembly option. 

Product Dimensions: fully assembled: 216cm (L) x 78cm (W) x 216cm (H)

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