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300kg Round Olympic Black Rubber Discs Set

Jordan / Strength

300kg Round Olympic Black Rubber Discs Set


Set of 300kg Olympic Black Rubber Discs (Round)

A 300kg rubber Olympic disc set featuring the round weight plates as follows - 2x25kg, 4x20kg, 4x15kg, 6x10kg, 4x5kg, 8x2.5kg, 8x1.25kg. Perfect for home gyms for free weight exercises like squats, bench press and even sit ups thanks to their hand grips.


  • 300kg Round Olympic Black Rubber Discs Set
  • Unique 3 grip contoured design enables easy and safe lifting.
  • Tapered handgrips eliminate "nipped" fingers.
  • Stylish and durable rubber finish.
  • Olympic sized centres.
  • Stainless steel centres allow smooth Olympic bar application.
  • Rubber virtually eliminates "clanking" of weights.

Sets Available

  • 1000kg set includes - 10x25kg, 16x20kg, 14x15kg, 10x10kg, 12x5kg, 16x2.5kg, 16x1.25kg
  • 400kg set includes - 4x25kg, 6x20kg, 6x15kg, 4x10kg, 4x5kg, 8x2.5kg, 8x1.25kg
  • 200kg set includes - 2x25kg, 2x20kg, 2x15kg, 4x10kg, 4x5kg, 4x2.5kg, 8x1.25kg

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