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The Hub


The Hub


The Hub The Hub allows multiple users to participate in immensely versatile sessions. It's multi-directional functionality allows up to 4 portable core trainers to be used at the same time. The user benefits from working in multiple planes of motion and targeting each major muscle group, whilst also working the important stabilising muscles of the core, hips and shoulders. This product can also be used with Battle Ropes, Power bands, Resistance Tubes and more. Features: Can be used with up to 4 portable core plates at any one time Storage system for 6 Olympic Plates Steel with textured grey tough coat finish Ideal for small group training sessions Length: 1132mm, Width: 360mm, Depth: 277mm Weight: 41kg Packs Include the following: Pack 1 1x The Hub 2x Portable Core Trainers 1x 7ft Steel Series Bars 1x 6ft Aluminium Training Bar 1x Pair of Quick Lock Collars 1x Core Plate Handle   Pack 2 1x The Hub 4x Portable Core Trainers 2x 7ft Steel Series Bars 2x 6ft Aluminium Training Bar 2x Pair of Quick Lock Collars 1x Core Plate Handle

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