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FLOWIN Sport Board


FLOWIN Sport Board


FLOWIN® Friction TrainingTM is a body weight based, result oriented training concept developed by Swedish decathletes. With a multitude of training opportunities it can effectively target the upper, lower body and core in group exercise classes, small group training and individual training. The FLOWIN® Friction Trainers are available in two models: the FLOWIN® PRO for professional use, using a rigid board, intended for daily high-frequency use (gyms, fitness centers, rehab institutions), and the more flexible, portable and ease-to-store FLOWIN® SPORT, for spontaneous use.   FLOWIN® SPORT - Includes: 1x Rollable board, 1x Instructional DVD, 1x Manual, 2x Foot pads, 2x Hand pads, 1 Knee pad and 1x Travel carry bag - FLOWIN® Sport should only be used on even, horizontal surfaces. Preferable hard floors. - Rollable  - Weight: 3,0kg  - Made in Sweden - Length: 1380mm, Width: 980mm   "I have been using the Flowin® for 6 months now. The Flowin® affords the physiotherapist and other rehabilitation specialists the opportunity to admisinister multidirectional and multi-level loading to a variety of upper, core and lower limb structures in a unique way. I support the use of the product as an integral component of progressive loading for my clients." Michael Dalgleish - APA Sports Physiotherapist & Sports Scientist - Optima Sports Medicine - Director of The Golf Athelete

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