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The Grappler (Rope Pull Machine)

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The Grappler (Rope Pull Machine)


The Grappler rope pull machine is designed and engineered in the United Kingdom. It is a revolutionary and totally unique piece of fitness equipment. Once you’ve demonstrated the Grappler you will not want to try anything else. No other piece of gym equipment can give such a fantastic workout in such a short period of time. Suitable for strength training, weight loss, muscle toning, general fitness & rehabilitation.

The Grappler provides a great workout with bags of effort while producing virtually no adverse after-effects. This makes it very popular with users who are put off by the stiffness and soreness normally experienced by beginners or those returning to exercise. The Grappler has a compact footprint making it the perfect choice for any fitness facility.

The Grappler rope is handmade from Manila which is a natural product and biodegradable. This heavy duty, unique manufactured loop rope system is fully protected by our looped rope patent. The design and manufacturing process ensure the Grappler machine is one of the best rope machines on the market today.

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