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Technogym Run Forma Treadmill

Technogym / Cardio

Technogym Run Forma Treadmill


 Complete with a Training Link and Training App, this Run Forma treadmill from Technogym makes it easier than ever before to keep track of your performance while accessing your favourite content. Closer to the ground for a more stable ride and easier access, this serenely quiet treadmill has been designed to replicate the experience of running on grass, with damping that is reactive without being too stiff.

 By connecting your iPad via the Bluetooth Forma Training Link, the Forma Training App allows you to listen to music, watch videos and browse bookmarks while transmitting information such as heart rate to your online Technogym account in order to keep a constantly updated training diary.
A built-in MyTrainer service offers personalised workout plans tailored to the goals you set for yourself, whether you want to lose weight or improve your physical condition.
Accessible from a number of different accounts, the Forma Training app also allows family and friends to manage their own content and data while sharing the same iPad.

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