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BOSU Elite - Ultra Durable Dome with "Power Zone"

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BOSU Elite - Ultra Durable Dome with


Elite BOSU Balance Trainer

Geared toward athletics, the BOSU Elite incorporates a much firmer dome to spring load the body for more efficient force transfer, priming the body for greater strength and power. Its ultra durable dome benefits from a honeycomb grip and reference points to assist with optimal body placement and alignment during unique programming. Comes complete with training DVD, owner's manual, pump and wall chart.

  • The Elite's new 'firmer' dome spring loads feet and legs
  • High density material maintains support for more force production
  • New 'Power Zone' properly aligns feet, pelvis, and spine
  • Extremely durable, high density, rugged dome
  • Specialised programming to enhance squatting, running and agility
  • Includes Training DVD, owners manual, pump, wall chart and access to online exercise library

Further Description:

  • Black / Grey
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Maximum User Weight - 907kg
  • Dimensions (Inflated) l 673mm x 635mm x h 254mm

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