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Align-Pilates C1R Reformer

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Align-Pilates C1R Reformer


C1R Reformer

The new C1R can now accept leg extensions* to bring the bed height to 42cm (see front cover), these also allow the reformer to free stand. The C1R is a full feature performance reformer, that uses many of the same quality components as its bigger brother, the A2R.


  • Light commercial warranty - perfect for Studio and home use.
  • Leg extension option raises height from 24 to 42cm (C1R only).
  • Space saving - the C1R is wheeled & easy to move and store, it can be stood up against a wall or *free stands with the optional leg extensions. Can be stacked in head to toe format


ISO 20957 Class S Cycle Tested for maximum user weight of 150Kg 
ISO Test spec - Pull the carriage using the reformer ropes for 80% of maximum travel distance - performing the motion smoothly with no shocks with:

  • All springs attached
  • Carriage loaded with max user weight limit of 150Kg
  • Rope pulleys set in the highest position on the Rope riser for maximum leverage
  • Test standard for class S (commercial use) is 100,000 cycles

The C1R test was conducted in May 2016 for over 106,000 cycles. The reformer was fully operational at the end of the testing


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