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Align Pilates A2RII Reformer Half Cadillac & Reformer Bundle

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Align Pilates A2RII Reformer Half Cadillac & Reformer Bundle


A2R Reformer Half Cadillac & Reformer Bundle

Buy your A2R Reformer complete with stainless half cadillac tower and accessories and save yourself some money and time.

Bundle Includes :

  • Align-Pilates A2R Reformer with Standard Legs
  • Sitting Box
  • A2 Half Cadillac Tower & bracket
  • A2 Jump Board
  • A2 Mattress convertor
  • Maple Gondola Pole (60')

Features of the Align-Pilates A2R Reformer:

  • Market-beating 113cm of smooth and quiet travel. More travel means less adjustment and easier transition between exercises.
  • Wider & longer carriage (67cm x 90 cm) for improved comfort and to a suit a wider range of body sizes than other reformers.
  • Future proof – Choice of 3 interchangeable leg heights.
  • Quick release spring bar allows rapid and safe adjustment of the spring bar into 4 positions (20cm of adjustment).
  • Foot bar locks in 4 positions including folding flat and out of the way
  • Removable & lockable shoulder rests allow for a completely flat bed using the optional mattress converter.
  • Stainless rope risers for rapid adjustment of rope heights. Risers fold down for use with half Cadillac and feature an eyelet so that springs can be attached to additional exercise possibilities – like a mini half Cadillac.
  • Easy rope adjustment system ensures both ropes stay the same length.
  • Adjustable feet to ensure the reformer sits flat and runs true even on un-level floors.
  • Convenient Stackable and wheeled for easy moving.

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