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Exigo ISO Lateral Decline Chest Press - Images & Paste


Exigo ISO Lateral Decline Chest Press - Images & Paste


ISO Lateral Decline Chest Press from Exigo Iso-Lateral technology delivers the smoothest converging and diverging arcs of motion in the industry. This allows users to move both limbs at the same time, one at a time, alternating, or with different weights for each. The Exigo Decline Chest Press is the perfect machine to hit all areas of the chest and triceps. Supporting isolateral movement, it contributes to balanced muscle strength improvement for both sides of users' body. It is mainly used for working the pectoralis major, deltoid muscle, and the triceps brachii muscle. Compact footprint ensuring space is maximised within the gym area. Lifetime frame warranty, manufactured to the highest quality for ultimate performance that will withstand many years of usage.

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