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Pulsing Abductor

The outer thigh abductor muscles generally assist in taking your leg either out to your side or to rotate your leg outwards. Help tone up the muscles of your outer thigh and buttocks by performing this exercise 2 or 3 times per week.

outer thigh toning exercisesA simple exercise to work the muscles of your outer thigh / abductors, which you can perform with no equipment and easily at home or down the gym.

Lie on your side with both feet together, toes pointing forward, using your arms to help fix your upper body position. You may wish to lay your lower arm totally straight, and rest your head on this arm.

Keeping your knees and toes pointing forward smoothly lift upper leg to a position of about 40 degrees.

Smoothly lift and lower the leg only a few inches in a controlled smooth pulsing movement.

You may wish to swap on to the other side and repeat the same process, or simply rest the leg for a brief moment then repeat again on the same leg.

Ankle weights or resistance bands can be used to make this exercise harder.

You can bend your lower leg and use your arms to aid balance during the exercise.

Throughout the movement, focus on feeling the muscles of the upper leg (outer thigh) and buttocks performing the action.

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