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Adductor Squeeze

The adductor squeeze with a Swiss Ball is a simple but effective exercise to work at toning your inner thigh adductor muscles.

inner thigh toning exercisePlace a small Swiss Ball centrally between your lower legs, ideally below your knees and above your ankles.

Smoothly squeeze the ball, aiming to apply pressure from both legs, on to the sides of the ball, holding the swiss ball in place using the adductor muscles of your inner thigh.

Hold in the inner phase for 2 - 3 seconds prior to releasing and repeating again.

This exercise can be performed either lying, seated or even standing, however if standing focus on keeping one leg firmly on the floor, whilst the other leg is used to apply pressure.

Aim to gradually build up the amount of repetitions you can perform to ideally 12 - 15.

Throughout the exercise, focus on using the muscles of your inner thigh to perform the movement, in order to focus on toning your adductor muscles.

Once you can perform 15+ reps, look at trying to hold the squeeze for a longer period of time or squeeze a firmer Swiss ball.

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