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Dorsal Calf Flexion

The dorsal calf flexion exercise is a great way to develop the muscular strength at the front of the shin bone, the (tibialis anterior) muscle.

Sit ideally on a high raised platform that will enable you to have a good range of movement whilst the weight is off the floor, keeping the tension on the calf muscle by flexing the foot upwards slightly into your dorsal position.

adapt a position that gives you a good range of movement
start with feet horizontal to the floor
keeping the legs still lift the weight up using your ankles

Grasp a suitably weighted dumbbell tightly between both feet, making sure that any collars / weight restraints are securely fastened.

Keeping your legs bent at 90 degrees, smoothly tilt the weight up towards your shins, and lower under control, aiming to hold in the upper phase for 2 - 3 seconds.

Avoid letting your toes lower towards the floor, as this will cause the weight to slip off.

Always warm up and stretch your muscles prior to performing this exercise, as the muscles used, are rarely worked and may become sore.

For suitable stretches CLICK HERE

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