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Calf Raise

The calf raise is best performed with a single leg, resting your foot on a secure step box, however you can perform with both feet, with or without a raised platform. The raised platform will give your calf muscle a greater range of motion, as you can lower your heel further down, resulting in more muscles fibres being used during the calf raise.

Whichever calf raise exercise you perform, spend a few moments stretching the calf muscle.


With your chosen position, place the ball of either one or both feet on the edge of a low raised step box, holding onto a secure object to keep your balance.

Smoothly raise your heels upwards, placing all the weight onto the balls of your feet, hold in this position for 2 - 5 seconds prior to returning back down, taking your heel down towards the floor.

Keeping your foot in the downward position is also an excellent stretch for calf muscle.

You should always remember to warm-up and stretch the calf muscles prior to performing this exercise, especially if holding in the upward phase for a few seconds.

You can make this exercise harder by placing a suitable barbell across your shoulders (if you have good balance) or by holding a dumbbell in one or both hands, again making sure your comfortable with your balance.

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