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Gym Equipment

Are you looking to buy gym equipment for your home? Why not check out our advice on what to buy, how to compare models and then use our site to buy all the gear you need.

4 : Testing the product: features, design, manufacture, safety, and serviceability

Your body should move in a manner that is correct and safe. 

The equipment should be adjustable, comfortable, easy to learn, and able to fit users of various sizes. 

Parts should be easily removed and replaced. The device should be space efficient, and the components should be the highest quality in the price range.

Think about the advertising claims. They should be backed up by solid research. Look for reviews by objective consumer publications.

Moving parts should mesh well. Welds should be clean and smooth and the frame should be sturdy.

Check out the safety features. There shouldn't be any design flaws or weaknesses that increase the risk of injury.

Look for features that enhance safety. For example, weight stack guards or any guards that protect moving parts; safety switches on treadmills. A complete users guide or instructions video, showing correct use.

On the final page, print off our simple checklist that allows you to workout which piece of equipment is for you :

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