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Health & Fitness Tips

We've pulled together 99 health and fitness tips that we think will help you with your working out, exercise plans and give you ideas to help you get fit, stay fit and enjoy your training!

Here's the next 25 fitness tips for you to get stuck into...

  • It's easy to lose weight. Keeping it off, is the hard part, exercise works.
  • Use common sense and pace yourself so you can talk occasionally when you exercise.
  • When you exercise, remind yourself, "I'm building a better body to live in".
  • The best aerobic exercise is the one you'll do, the best time to exercise is when you will do it. Aim for a minimum of 3 sessions for at least 30 minutes of aerobic training, remember even sex can be a workout.
  • Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress, ask yourself how you feel, after working out.
  • Exercise for the older age group, helps to keep you young, by maintaining muscle tissue and bone density, the older you are, the more important it is that you exercise.
  • Upper body weight training will help you maintain a total lean body mass; more muscle equals a higher resting metabolic rate.
  • If you get out of breath when you exercise, you're probably going too fast.
  • Training too hard, may lower your fitness, resting your body, allows it to recover and rebuild itself properly. Don't over train, you'll just burn-up or melt.
  • After eating the last slice of cake, all overweight people will decide to go on the tomorrow diet, why don't they decide to exercise it off, as the tomorrow diet never comes. ?
  • The slimming industry is the most unsuccessful industry in the world today for people wanting to lose FAT, although it is financially sound!
  • If you are always surrounded by food, and can't stop picking, chew gum. Every time you put the food in your mouth you will ruin the gum.
  • Researchers have suggested that people who are deficient in various vitamins and minerals may overeat in an attempt to obtain the missing nutrients. Obesity is the unfortunate outcome.
  • Performing cardiovascular type activities (i.e. running, cycling, swimming, etc.) five times a week decreases your risk of type II diabetes by 45%.
  • Exercising two to four times a week reduces your risk by 40%; once a week, 25%. Exercise decreases your risk by reducing fat tissue in the body and making cells more responsive to insulin.
  • If you smoke, why don't you give up? I'm not going to lecture you on all the bad points that smoking has, as I'm sure you know it's a great provider of deaths in the family.
  • Most zip inflicted injuries occur on the down stroke. If this happens to you, try pulling the zip in the direction it came from, in one swift motion. Check the damage, and apply antiseptic cream and a bandage to stop the bleeding. Change all your clothes to button flies to avoid the above.
  • Don't squeeze those spots. Squeezing spots might be fun, however you can push the acne plug deeper into the skin, and cause the follicle wall to rupture, leaving a small shot gun wound on you. Try tea tree oil or aloe vera to prevent this look.
  • Stress lowers the immune system and exercise helps to counter stress. Over exercising puts pressure on the immune system, make sure you take those vitamins and minerals, and remember get fit to play sport, not play sport to get fit.
  • Avoid stopping every 2 minutes to tie your laces, when going for that run, at the start of your fitness regime, make sure you put a double knot in the laces.
  • When cycling to work, the gym, or anywhere else, keep the bike under lock and key, remember somebody may want yours, and force you to have a long walk home. 
  • If you get a painful blister, studies have shown that piercing it within the first three hours can be effective. Aim to lance the blister in two places at opposite sides, taking care, as the fluid can spray out up to eleven feet. Check and clean regularly, don't use dirty needles, as this can lead to amputation.
  • Stress causes hormonal imbalances that may lower your sperm count, lower sperm count may stress you out, just think about who has to count the slippery bleeders.
  • Garlic rich diets, may be bad for your breath, but garlic causes your body to release nitric oxide, which keeps your arteries more pliable, resulting in a increase in circulation.

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