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Ultrasound is sound waves of extremely high frequency inaudible to the human ear. The ultrasound waves can penetrate the body and the difference in the effect of the different tissues as they absorb or allow the waves to pass through them, gives an image consisting of different shadows, which an experienced operator can translate into a picture.

The ultrasound equipment is operated by an experienced and trained person and can be used in many areas of medicine including imaging the unborn child, outlining internal organs and as it is continuous imaging whilst the machine is being operated it has the added advantage over scans for example, in that you can see the organs functioning.

The ultrasound machine is linked up with a computer, which allows the imaging to be seen and can often be able to produce a printed picture of the findings. This is now a regular part of antenatal tests and can provide you with the first 'photo' of your baby.

Ultrasound is very effective for looking at internal organs and is non-invasive. To improve the transmission qualities of the sound waves, a gel is gently rubbed over the area to be examined and the flat shaped 'head' of the probe which is the contact part that emits the waves, can glide smoothly over the surface of the skin.

Ultrasound has other uses. The sound waves can be used in Physiotherapy treatment to stimulate the circulation within the tissues directly and speed up the healing process. The ultrasound waves can also be used to break up scar tissue or can be used to generate a fine rapid series of shock waves that can be used to break up such things as kidney stones.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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