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Travel sickness

Travel sickness or Motion sickness affect many of us and can make socializing difficult and spoil holidays, so much so that there is now quite a market for different cures and remedies from drugs to magnetic bracelets.

The symptoms will include nausea and vomiting. The problem is caused by the sensitivity in excessive stimulation of the vestibular apparatus part of the inner ear that is associated with balance as opposed to hearing. Nerves connected to this organ will send signals up to the brain to the center responsible for the vomiting reaction.

Coupled with these signals are the messages to the brain from the eyes giving visual stimuli of movement. Also poor ventilation, fumes and smoke, and fear of traveling or other emotional factors can precipitate travel sickness.

Trying to map read in the car whilst traveling is a common trigger. Where possible it is always best to position yourself where there is the least motion. Often being the driver helps to avoid travel sickness as the mind is diverted and there is some stability in holding the steering wheel.

Avoid fixing your eyes on other moving objects such as the railway lines or waves. Avoid excess alcohol and food before traveling, eating small amounts little and often if you are on a long journey.

A prophylactic drug one of the many over the counter preparations should be taken an hour or so before traveling. Sometimes preparations containing antihistamine have proven to be useful. If it is purely emotionally, some relaxation techniques or counseling may be of benefit.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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