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Tranquillizers are a group of drugs used to produce a calming effect. They are extremely useful in the treatment of anxiety, neurosis and relieving tension.


Tranquillizers are often used in cases where there are disturbed thought patterns, which can overwhelm individuals' ability to lead a normal life with rational thinking. The most useful drugs are the Benzodiazepines including Diazepine or Valium as it is often called.

However these drugs are best used in the short term, as there is a risk of addiction if continued for too long, as there can be withdrawal effects on stopping which shows as increased anxiety.

There is also a case for using a low dose beta-blocker in some instances. This is non-addictive and in a low dose can relieve the feeling of being on edge without creating cardiac problems. Stronger drugs such as Amitriptyline are also of benefit to some individuals although this type of drug is not always tolerated well by everyone. It can produce the side effect of sedation and this sometimes can remain well into the next day, leaving the patient unable to function properly.

It is always of more long-term benefit if the cause of the anxiety is addressed. Sometimes it is useful to refer the patient for counseling or psychotherapy. Practical advise on what to avoid in your daily routine is helpful, stress at work should always be addressed and not pushed to one side as employers have a responsibility to provide a safe and reasonable work environment.

Good satisfying sleep is sometimes the key to allowing an individual cope with pressures and anxieties. If the thought of taking an antidepressant is not acceptable then try taking antihistamine or a natural remedy called Valerian which can help improve the ability to sleep without the feeling of being hung over the next day.

Alcohol should be avoided as a means of inducing sleep or calm as it can have the reverse effect and also lead to dependence syndromes. Tea and coffee containing caffeine can cause too much stimulation if you are trying to stay calm so would be best avoided or changed to a decaffeinated variety.

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