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Snoring can be a real problem for people who are disturbed at night by a partner who snores loudly, and it is even possible in a heavy snorer to cause them to wake them up.

Snoring is 3 times more common in obese people. Snoring is partially obstructive breathing during sleep and can be caused by some minor anomaly of the palate, nose, or throat, or be associated with some cardiac disorders.

Some people snore worse if they are lying on their backs so it is often useful for a partner to gently encourage them to roll on to their side. There are many gadgets, some quite bizarre designed to stop you sleeping on your back, however sometimes simply changing which side of the bed you sleep can have a positive effect.

Cutting down on alcohol intake or certainly avoiding alcohol late in the evening can help. Many of the sedatives and sleep inducers can in fact make snoring worse. Tilting the head of the bed upwards can reduce the problem in some people.

If there is an underlying obstruction such as nasal polyps, narrowed nasal passages due to a deviated nasal septum or enlarged adenoids etc, then treating these can often reduce the problem if not cure it completely.

Sometimes chronic infections or allergies are also underlying causes so if there is no obvious obstruction then this should be considered.

Additional Medical Conditions: 

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