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Normally a term used for the ingestion or absorption of a substance that irritates, damages, or impairs the functioning of the body's tissues, Poisoning can also be used to describe the ingestion of bacteria such as food poisoning.


The term poisoning is usually applied to those substances where the damage can be irreversible if not treated immediately by its antidote, and consequently could lead to death. Such substances such as cyanide, arsenic and strychnine are extremely poisonous in very small amounts and this fact has been used as a means of committing murder, however with modern forensic science it is now possible to trace even the tiniest amounts of poisons in the blood or other tissues.

The garden is an area where many types of poisons can be found in the form of berries, leaves etc; so always check when buying a new house with an established garden if you have small children that may play in it. The garden shed may also house pesticides which are not just lethal to bugs but may contain poisons to man, although nowadays there is progress being made in trying to eliminate these 'harmful to man or pets' products, check that this is kept locked.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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