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This is a treatment that uses physical methods to promote healing. It may be undertaken in a hospital, as part of treatment post operatively. It is an extremely useful method of treatment used with cardiac patients after they have suffered a stroke.


Physiotherapy is also used to treat people with muscular skeletal injuries and post fractures. It is available under the NHS or you may prefer to visit one of the many qualified private physiotherapists offering treatment throughout the country, some often attached to sports injury clinics.

Physiotherapists may choose to use a wide range of electrical equipment as part of their treatment plan. This equipment may produce heat, light, ultrasound waves or electric current, all designed to assist the healing process and/or reduce pain.

Manipulation and exercises often play an important part in the treatment and as part of a recovery plan it may be essential that you continue with exercises etc. at home. They are also qualified to advise you on posture and will normally offer advice as to what to avoid in order to prevent reoccurrence of the problem.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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