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Pelvic Inflammatory

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID is an acute or chronic condition of the female internal organs of reproduction. It usually begins with an infection ascending via the vagina, or from an adjacent organ such as the appendix.


This infection goes unnoticed and unchecked until several organs are involved and the lower abdomen becomes tender and painful, there is a general feeling of unwell.

In chronic states the infection will subside slightly, then restart, continually inflaming the tissues. The inflammation sets off changes in the surfaces and linings of the organs, involving predominately the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Adhesions form as a result of this and the fallopian tubes can become blocked leading to infertility. It may be necessary to have the adhesions removed surgically, however some women are prone to creating more adhesions on the sites of new scar tissue which could happen post surgery. It is always important to treat any unusual vaginal discharge early, in case it is an infection.

If you have suffered from peritonitis and have required emergency excision of the appendix and there is still residual pain some months later this disorder should be considered.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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