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Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are relatively common and in most instances are completely harmless. Each monthly cycle the ovary produces a number of cysts each containing an egg, yet normally only one goes on to ripen and be shed. The others will break down and the cells reabsorbed by the body.

In some instances the cysts stay and go on to swell under the hormonal stimulation. Some cysts have been found to weigh several pounds, although this is unusual. Sufferers can appear to look as if they are 4 months pregnant. If they have grown to an uncomfortable size surgery is the only answer.

Confirmation of their presence and size is best carried out by ultrasound scan. There is a condition known a Polycystic ovary, which is a hormonal disorder where the cyst fails to produce an egg. This condition also results in the absence of periods, and there may be an increase in facial hair and upper body hair, and possibly acne.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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