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Nappy Rash

Caused by a sequence of events nappy rash is common in babies wearing nappies. Firstly the warm wet conditions favor the colonization of a common fungal infection known as Thrush. As urine irritates the skin it can cause a rash of tiny blisters and inflamed skin.


When the blisters break the fungal infection can enter the skin layers and further soreness and redness follows. Sometimes certain illnesses or teething, washing powder or medication can increase the chemical concentration of the urine, making it easier for nappy rash to occur.

Diarrhea also has an adverse affect on the skin if left in contact for any length of time. Fortunately nappy rash is not so common nowadays with the introduction of disposable nappies.

Frequent changing of soiled or wet nappies is important. If nappy rash occurs, cleaning the area thoroughly using an antiseptic and/or anti-fungal cream, then leaving the area open to the fresh air, is often the best way of treating this condition.

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