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M.E is a condition, which has provoked much controversy both in the media and the medical profession. The symptoms include extreme fatigue, muscle aches and pain, sleep disturbances and changes in mood.

Whilst most, if not all, of these symptoms will affect us at some time or another, a sufferer of M.E. will experience most if not all these symptoms for a prolonged period of time lasting 6 months or more. There has been a tendency to dismiss these sufferers as having psychological problems or that their symptoms are simply due to a virus. Whilst the latter may well be true, the real cause of this problem has resulted in the initiation of series of research studies and most recently it has been recognized within the medical profession as being a true illness.

Treatment has yet to prove simple, as there has not been found any definite disease process. However assuming on the lines of a virus as the cause, treatment could be based on improving the balance between exercise and rest, and improving dietary content of vitamins, minerals, fibre and fluid intake especially water.

Frequently when tiredness disturbs your ability to work, either in the home or work place, it is easy to become depressed and irritated and to have poor sleep especially if you are sleeping during the day. Recognition of these facts can lead to a change in self -perception of this illness, and this can lead to a speedier recovery.

Further information can be obtained from the ME association 01375 361013 in the UK.

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