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Immunisation for Children

The fact that children receive immunisation against certain infectious diseases has received many debates in the press recently as to its pro's and con's.

Even in the developed world with Immunisation, Measles kills one in five thousand sufferers, mostly children, and can leave the same number with brain damage.

The latest estimates of the risk of vaccination are less than one in one hundred thousand chance of brain damage and there have been no substantiated deaths caused by Immunisation.

All the tests and research into vaccines have been based on the understanding that the risk of vaccine side effects is far less than contracting the disease itself.

All the diseases where vaccines have been produced have shown a dramatic decline or even eradication of the disease itself.

Therefore, Immunisation as important as it clearly is to prevent disease, will always have it's detractors and sceptics - you should investigate each type of immunisation on it's own merits.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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