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Being put into a state of trance or under hypnosis is called Hypnotherapy. Whilst in this state the mind is more readily open to suggestion and this can be used in medical circumstances to cure addictions such as smoking.

During hypnotherapy with the mind in a hypnotic state subconscious fears, phobias and emotions can surface to the conscious level and the root or cause of these problems can then be addressed.

Hypnotherapy is sometimes used in conjunction with psychotherapy to help treat and hopefully cure behavioral problems, anxieties and various stress-related disorders.

It is important to seek help and advice from a formally qualified therapist, therefore contact either The Central Register of Advanced Hypnotherapy on 0207 359 6991 or the National Register of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapists on 01282 699278 for a therapist in your area.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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