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The system of medicine based on the theory that "like cures like" is known as Homeopathy.

Diagnosis of the patients' illness may involve looking at all aspects of the patients health, social and psychological state, as Homeopathy is classed as one of the Holistic and Complementary therapies.

Homeopathy forms a very important part of the Complementary therapies offered today, with some hospitals and GP's offering Homeopathic treatment on the N.H.S, having studied this form of therapy after their formal medical training.

The remedies are given in very small quantities, but the potency is capable of producing symptoms of the disease, which then stimulates the body into producing its own natural healing process.

These remedies are based on animal, plant or mineral substances and are given as pills, solutions, creams and granules.

It is always advisable to seek a competently trained therapist, and a list is available if you send a S.A.E to The Society of Homeopaths, 2,Artizan road Northampton, NN1 4HU Tel:01604 21400

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