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Ganglions can be found in the hand and the foot. Ganglions in the hand are normally found on the back of the wrist sometimes on the front of the wrist. A ganglion looks like a small cystic swelling, it may be soft or firm to touch and is quite benign.

It is unclear what causes it and whether it originates from within a tendon sheath or the capsule of a joint. One of the likeliest theories is that trauma to the area may have resulted in the tendon sheath being damaged and the ganglion results from a split in that sheath. Treatment is not always necessary as they occasionally disappear on their own.

However if the presence of the ganglion causes pressure to be asserted over a nerve pain will arise, or damage to the nerve could result in muscle wasting. In this instance it is usually necessary to either drain the cyst or surgically remove it.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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