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Endometriosis is a condition found in women of childbearing ages. The lining of the womb consists of endometrial cells which under hormonal influences will breakdown and cause bleeding as happens during the menstrual cycle, this is called endometriosis.

If these cells lay outside of the womb they can still react to hormonal influences which will lead to bleeding and this can be extremely painful. If these cells are found attached to the ovaries or the outside of the womb itself, they can cause pelvic inflammation and scar tissue and will give rise to subfertility. They can also develop into large cysts within the pelvis and the scar tissue can join pelvic organs and intestine together leading to tethering and pain.

Diagnosis is normally confirmed by means of a Laparoscopy and treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms. Sometimes treatment with drugs to block the hormonal influence can be helpful, or to shrink the endometrial deposits.

Hysterectomy may be suitable in some severe cases or the cells destroyed by laser under laparoscopy.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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