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Donor Card Scheme

The Donor Card scheme has been established to allow some people the opportunity to help others in the event of their death.

By offering the donation of one or several of their organs could mean that someone else might be given the opportunity to live. By carrying a Donor card or registering your wishes with the central NHS register on 0800 555 777, you are pledging the use of your organs after your death.

It is inevitably an extremely difficult and emotional time for the relatives of someone who has just died, to come to terms with being asked for their consent on organ donation. By making the decision now and registering, will remove the need to ask the family in their time of grief. It is important that those close to you now are informed about your wishes.

Having registered does not mean that you cannot change your mind later if you so wish. Simply contact the register and request that your name should be removed. It is hoped however that many more people will wish to become an organ donor.

Being a donor will not affect your treatment in hospital, and in the event of death, no organs will be removed unless all criteria to confirm death has occurred, in exactly the same way as if you were not a donor.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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