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As you grow older confusion can be simply accepted as part of the ageing process, which affects the brain as well as all the other parts of the body.

However, in some people it can be attributed to a symptom of an underlying illness, e.g. a small stroke, or trauma to the head. Other causes include metabolic dysfunction as in uncontrolled diabetes or the side effect of some prescribed medicines or excessive doses.

An illness directly affecting the brain as in encephalitis or a pathology of the brain tissue such as a tumor, or cerebral vascular insufficiency could also give symptoms of confusion.

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease will also give rise to symptoms of confusion, these disorders arising from a combination of different elements both physiological and psychological. Excessive alcohol consumption and or poor nutrition are other reasons.

It is not always possible to recognize the underlying cause, but if the onset of symptoms is sudden with no history of trauma or alcohol / drug consumption, medical advice should be sought immediately in case a stroke has occurred or blood sugars are too low. In most cases tests can be carried out which will allow the right treatment to be given early, to the benefit of both patient and career.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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