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Colic and wind will affect all babies at some stage in their development, however it is more common between the age of 1-3months. The reasons behind it are usually not serious, with babies often crying with colic pain at night and sleeping well during the day, a difficult problem for a new mother who needs her sleep. Added to this is the problem that when the young baby continues to cry excessively, more air is swallowed and can become trapped, compounding the problem.

However if the symptoms persist and the baby refuses feeding, vomits persistently and appears to have a raised temperature, medical advice should be sought immediately. A trapped hernia in the groin, twisted testicle or colon will give rise to pain, which might be mistaken for colic.

In normal circumstances, constipation, overfeeding or the wrong type of baby milk, are more common reasons, and adjusting or changing the diet can help. Gentle massage over the abdomen and down the back can help to relieve the symptoms and release trapped wind.

Additional Medical Conditions:

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